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Choose Cherry:

Cherry Broadband offers up to 1:1 equivalent contention ratios on up to 16Mb broadband lines, and won’t tie you down to a 12 month contract.

Established in 2008, Cherry Broadband partners with some of the leading telecommunications service providers to bring you a seamless experience, using only the newest and best technologies.

In addition to our broadband and line rental we can also set up your VoIP telephone system and our technical team is available to help install your cabled or wireless data network.

We are a part of the Cherry Group, established in 1989.

Think of your broadband as a cake...

Other ISP's need to share their cake between as many people as possible, in order to keep costs down. This means everyone gets a tiny slice.  At Cherry, we limit the number of people we'll share cake between, and when we have more users, we get more cakes. This is essentially what contention means - the number of other users sharing your broadband line. Higher contention (more users) means slower speeds (smaller slices).

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Cherry Broadband can supply all our routers, wireless access points, splitters, I-Plates and more.

Why buy a router from Cherry? The simple answer is: you don't have to. You can supply your own router, or use your existing one, we'll even help you to get it set up and working. The only disadvantage is that our 24/7 tech support team is unable to offer support on routers which we've not supplied. They will still be able to test your line and offer advice.

Contact us for a full list of the hardware we supply.